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The International Airports Making Friends the Fastest on Facebook

Although Singapore Changi Airport is the most liked airport on Facebook, it can’t rest on its laurels on the social network, as Dubai International is making friends at a 50% faster rate. Dubai’s Earth Hour campaign in the month of March skyrocketed their page likes past #LAXPhotoWeek, Los Angeles’ user-generated photo contest and Changi Airport’s #SocialMediaMonth campaign

The Quality and Quantity of Web Video Produced by Travel Brands

Nearly 400 brands uploaded more than 2,600 YouTube videos for May 2014. Despite the Turkish government's recent ban of YouTube, the Turkish Airlines's ad featuring a Euroleague pool party attracted nearly 3 million views.

How a Destination Marketing Organization Takes America’s Great Outdoors into Digital Territory

A look at the U.S. Department of the Interior's pioneering efforts to expand its service and presence through social media, including communicating with guests during the federal shutdown, holding photo contests on Instagram, and using Twitter to promote events at national parks and monuments.

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